Andrei Shubin

Institute of Discrete Mathematics and Geometry
Vienna University of Technology
Freihaus, Tower A, 5th floor,
room DA 05 F22,
Wiedner Hauptstr. 8-10,
A-1040 Wien, Austria

name.surname at tuwien dot ac dot at

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher in the French-Austrian project ArithRand

I completed my PhD at Caltech under the supervision of Maksym Radziwiłł

Previously I was supervised by Maxim Korolev at MIPT and Steklov Mathematical Institute

I am interested in various topics at the intersection of number theory, harmonic analysis and probability

Here you can find my CV (last update in November 2023)


    M. Radziwiłł, A. Shubin, Poissonian pair correlation for α n θ , IMRN, to appear

    A. Shubin, Möbius orthogonality of Thue-Morse sequence along Piatetski-Shapiro numbers, Studia Math., to appear

    J.-M. Deshouillers, M. Drmota, C. Müllner, A. Shubin, L. Spiegelhofer, Synchronizing automatic sequences along Piatetski-Shapiro sequences, Israel J. Math., to appear

    A. Shubin, Variance estimates in Linnik's problem, IMRN, no. 18, pp. 15425--15474, 2023,   arXiv:2108.00726

    A. Shubin, Fractional parts of non-integer powers of primes. II, Q.J.Math, 73 (1), pp. 277--310, 2022,   arXiv:2011.11790

    A. Shubin, Fractional parts of non-integer powers of primes, Math. Notes 108 (3), pp. 394--408, 2020,   arXiv:2010.15216

    A. Shubin, Bounded gaps between primes of special form, Dokl. Mathematics 101 (3), pp. 235--238, 2020

    M.Korolev, A.Shubin, The second moment of the first derivative of Hardy's Z-function, Trigonometric Sums and Their Applications, Springer Nature Switzerland AG, pp. 169--182, 2020

    A. Shubin, On the asymptotic behavior of a functions Ω(k; n) and ω(k; n) related to the number of prime divisors, Discrete Math. Appl. 29 (2), pp. 121--129, 2019

    A. Shubin, Fractional parts of the function x/n, Math. Notes 100 (5-6), pp. 731--742, 2016


    A short talk on the connection between primes and exponential sums from SSANT2021